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The Rose Cross

The Rosicrucian Order is a Philosophical Order that firstly emerges at Mediæval Ages thanks to Martin Luther – the Great initiator of the Protestant Reform in Germany – a protest against the bad Vatican uses and practices occurred at that time, a fact that deserves a better introduction.

Luther cut his deep personal life quest relationship with the Vatican only after obtaining a copy of all sacred texts and ancient scrolls of its secret library [distance from Rome was the argument to grant the Vatican approval for this task as that time Pope was more interested into material facts] and thanks to this care, Der Christian Rosenkreuz [a Christian Rosicrucian], Der Goldener Dammerung [The Golden Dawn] and earlier middle ages Freemasons Lodges – just to mention a few – Have their earlier debut [actually a real resurrection] at mediæval times scenarios.


We owe to Martin Luther a lot more than wide opening Theosophy and Theology studies to the more apt ones of his epoch as Templar Knights timely substitutes. Naturally, this action did take some more centuries to achieve strength and it also gave support to other not so good results as with every action and/or movement we made in Life.

The Rosicrucian Order albeit structured under the Ancestral Christianity that was previously known as the External Templar Knights Order [there were also the Internal Order that led to Present Times Freemasons] is based on a Temple Rite of The Great Celestial Virgin that was better known much earlier as the Temple of Goddess Shiva at India, and it was practiced in Germany at a very few esoteric rings from were the Myth of Christian Rosenkreuz arouses (a Rosicrucian Christian) and when it went divulged internationally it was split into several national independent organizations and the USA based AMORC was the one that grew in such a way to an unexpected level of owing several proprietary branches in practically all occidental world countries and this fact was mainly due to the substituted Christian Rosenkreuz Myth by the Egyptian Mythology just decoded almost a century ago by Jean-François Champollion at France.

One must also refer to the Rosicrucian Fraternity derived from the Master Astrology Works of Max Heindel whose roots also aroused from the earlier Luther openings. However, it does operate in a Religion Energy Type Temple.

As depicted above and previously stated at other essays – due our origins are the same for all Traditions around the Globe – Christianity is also a carbon copy of the Egyptian Traditions and flowing rather differently from Christianity, where no archeological evidences could ever be traced back to it’s roots – but until recent  discovery of the Dead-Sea Scrolls, a probable Essenes Sect now also credited to belong to Sadducees, a highly respected Higher Rank Hebrew Priests branch – The Egyptian Tradition is engraved, sculptured and stone written at Temples, Rosettas and Papyrus spread all over Ancient Egypt for anyone to visit, inspect and even worship their Gods.

Due this Egyptian Traditions adoption, the Rosicrucian Temple turned out to be known as The Temple of Goddess Isis, not any more as The Virgin Mary one as it was usually known at Middle AgesGoddess Isis was also a Virgin Goddess that had a sexual intercourse with the dead reconstructed body of God Osiris – thus the Myth of a Earthy Virgin fertilization made directly from Heaven [The Holy Ghost] resulting in the God Horus, exactly as the Holy Trinity Family.

The Isis / Aphrodite / Mary /Minerva Temple Energy Flow

One shall recall that the 
Ansata Cross shape matches exactly the Astrologic Symbol of Venus - see illustration above, when it is positioned with the circle upward and the cross downward, then the Temple made to match it do flows the GREAT CELESTIAL VIRGIN ENERGY, so the future Christian Rosenkreuz Myth is already seated above the cross in a Temple Rite and do faces the Fertilizing Sun at the Lights Altar.

However when a Ansata Cross Temple holds the circle position downward and the cross upward – see illustration bellow, then the GREAT CELESTIAL MOTHER ENERGY applies as it do reflects a religious type one as anyone seated at the circle – their twin seat lanes [wombs] – can easily spot the cross at the altar, representing the Evolutive Suffering/Difficulties that must be surmounted by every single cult attendant in order to be reunited at the cult service thus reconstructing again piece by piece the former known God Osiris.

The Religious Temple Energy Flow

Naturally all congregation members re-united at a cult service now moulds Horus God seated, ready to fly back to Heaven – the Egregore or the Golden Child. Thus the Egyptian Holy Trinity Family members does match Christianity one: A Dead Male Energy God (Holy Ghost), a Female Energy Virgin Goddess [Mary] and the resulting Son of Man [Christ], that ascends like God Horus after His Birth (cult end).

The Isis Temple – the GREAT CELESTIAL VIRGIN ENERGY one – is the sole High Energy Temple that does allow both genders at very specific appointed official positions to participate, absolutely not interchangeable. Failure to correctly follow this guideline allowed AMORC to exhibit internal conflicts — body & soul short circuits —and a further loss of active members.

Men and fertile Women do exhibit opposite polarities thus allowing to fully ‘Enlighten’ a Sacred Temple service, besides the Altar Lights, it is required that specifically appointed official positions are to be occupied by specific genders that cannot be swapped and/or interchanged. One shall recall that a non-fertile woman is no longer a woman yet not a formal man already.

Another immense misconception occurred at AMORC simultaneously with their 90’s great global schism when the TMO – Traditional Martinist Order, an Qabbalistic Rite was also introduced — probably to be offered as a Freemason alternative, as it is freely available for sale through internet channels, definitively not a Royal Masonic Secret — besides being erroneously exercised in an inverted Venus Symbol (Religious Mother) driven energy temple instead of a Mercury Symbol (Patriarchal) one, exhibiting two separated Lights Altar [one with 2 candles and the other with 3 candles], while all previous both genders R+C Officers were also required to be a Martinist member/officer, thus a further body & soul energy short-circuit on service participants emerged from this fact.

Well, one can easily spot that not every concept of ‘good intentions’ does freely apply everywhere. Mostly when ‘barefoot, bigot, yet gullible apprentices‘ assumes a shorthanded guide of unknown yet Powerful Sacred Energy Practices. Sometimes, one should avoid participating in decaying rite practices awaiting for better times as all great disasters [des_astres: from_planets], always and timely occurred when loss of guidance from THE UPPER CONSCIENCE occurred.

Ot Manu

One of the Righteousness Masters

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