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The Holy Grail 

The Celestial Symphony begins with Spheres Music, a Masonic euphemism to describe Spiritual Ascent through Jacob's Ladder, or by performing Twelve Hercules Labours, or to Take Seat in All Ecliptic Positions (Twelve Zodiacal Columns arranged symbolically and circumventing Patriarchal Temple side walls), etc.!


But where is the lowest 'DO' Tone of Creation music? It still echoes throughout Universe and can be recognised by it's resonance within Raw Creation matter = 'Clay' which one added to the Summum Bonum ('Above Waters’) EMOTIONAL ENERGY EGREGORE, exclusively generated in a Patriarchal Temple Rite, as it do allow us to 'Create' with BEAUTY AND PERFECTION. Definitively not a Jewish 'Golem'!

Everything starts at the Buddhist Swamp (the White Lotus Seed where it is sown and later emerges), or the Sacred Egyptian Scarab larvæ deposited in Cattle Solid Dejects, or in Earth Depths, the Hebrew Adonai-Ha-Aretz (The God who emerges from [the Sulphur Lavas] deep Earth), or the Ammun-Ra (The Underworld Egyptian God) and at all these symbolisms, reigns fearless the Alchemical Sulphur, the 'Clay', the material that enables phosphorus to ignite and glow, and from which Our Will starts to evolve (Lower-Self).

The Alchemical Sulphur is also ZERO, the NOTHINGNESS, the VOIDNESS in Fibonacci number sequence, which generates, according to the Golden Proportions of the Sacred Geometry, the Patriarchal Temple size: 0 (VOIDNESS), 0 + 1 (VOIDNESS + Creative Principle) = 1 (Creative Principle Adam Kadmon), 1 + 1 (Creative Principle Adam Kadmon + Opposite) = 2 (Eve = Temple), 2 + 1 (Eve = Temple + WM = Adam Kadmon) = 3 (Golden Child), 3 + 2 (Golden Child + Eve) = 5 (Earthy Gnosis), 5 + 3 = 8 (The Eternal Cycle), 8 + 5 = 13, 1 + 3 = 4, (Physical Manifestation: Golden Child 'nailed' at the Cross) .... And so, the allegorical and mythical Holy Family, wisely created by the Council of Nicaea Egyptian Sage's who gave origin to Christianity, does exhibits solid alchemy, physics, arithmetic and golden means geometry foundations! Not 'Baphomet' indeed, it's the 'bogeyman', created to scare and keep off Sistine Chapel (Cardinals College Patriarchal Rite), all 'poor-of-spirit' and simple-minds, as to they are reserved the ‘heavenly kingdom', whereas the 'Earthy Kingdom', is reserved to the Pope and Patriarchs, but no Templar Knights in noway! They are concurrent and foe Powers/Patriarchs!

Few Brethren senses that CHRIST BIRTH [EGREGORE, GOLDEN CHILD, SON-OF-MAN] HAPPENS WITHIN HOLY FAMILY [TRINITY] UNION AROUND MANGER [C & S placed over the Book-Of-Law], occurring when CANDLES ARE LIGHTED AT OATHS ALTAR under the Canopy (Canopy = CAVE: OATH ALTAR), duly accredited and acknowledged by THREE SAGES VISIT (WM, SrW and JrW), BRINGING GIFTS FROM THE EAST (Incense from Sacrifices Altar, Gold from Throne and Mirra from Verb), which CAVE is also the DRAGON MOUTH, heated and lighted by FIRE EXPELLED FROM IT (another 'character' of SrW: CAPUT Draconis, one of the Metonic Lunar Cycle extremes delimiting the Labyrinth - Hall-of-Voidness-Steps - the fetid and darken Dragon Intestines) and One could only depart from it by following the ‘Thread’ left by Ariadne (Patriarchal Temple) after annihilating the Minotaur [Lower Self].

As depicted, if we cannot demystify 'Santa Claus’ for real 'children', we should not do the same with the 'evolutionary children', those who despite adulthood and advanced age, are still searching for an Eternal Salvation! I'm a 'good man expressing brotherly love', 'Jesus loves me', I shall be saved whereas all profane sinners be eternally damned in hell!

How to explain that a Patriarchal Rite EGREGORE, when uncorrupted and fully composed by Conscience awakened Brethren and completely united in their Sublime Will yet not holding Ecliptic same angle views, do replicate Christian Last Supper and that Jesus, the Christ, as we have depicted, is the very EGREGORE, which one shall ‘reborn' again and again, out of the Virgin Belly (Patriarchal Temple: Western Mosaic, Holy Grail) and He shall always be 'Sacrificed, in every Luminous Rite, as to 'redeem' a Renewed Mankind, and as soon it leaves energetically the Temple it is inexorably fragmented through South Col.'. Base, splitting in equal portions through Two CCol, exactly at Metonic Lunar Cycle other end, the Anal Sphincter, or the Cauda Draconis, the Dragon's Tail)? It is right there, where a fake MM, a lowly and ignorant grotto’s 'Cure’, raised to the 'aasr supreme council', did allocate the phony/poor-man 'harmony master'.

And yet, how to explain that Kabbalah Wisdom is Egyptian, back borrowed from Hindi’s Buddha Wisdom Tree, and not Hebrew? And that Hebrew language was the Ancient Hieratic Egyptian language of Ammun-Ra Cult Priests, the underworld God with an Aries Head, as this is why Christ is called 'Lamb (Son) of God' (Ammun-Ra), behold, then happened the Pharaoh Akhenaton persecution, surnamed MOSIS, who fled with the Kabbalah, the Hieratic language, plus a select group of the Tribe of Israel, setting the Exodus Saga?

This is also the reasoning established by Ancient Priests of Ammun-Ra Cult, at the Nicaea Summit at 315 C.e., supporting that Jesus shortly after birth, had to flee to Egypt in order to 'escape' from the death edict to all firstborn: unviable EA! And He only returned after completing 30 years (1st Saturn return to birth time Ecliptic Angle position, which is when the Jr∴ Deac starts to move: He become an adult!): He was the Patriarchal Egyptian Cult of Ammun-Ra's EGREGORE, and this is the reason for the newly created Christians to call Jews perfids: they ‘stolen’ all his Holy Secrets, an action that was and still is, a common practice of all ethnicities around the globe: the more 'rough', more numerous yet 'aggressive and faster, do always 'steal' Cults and Scholars Wisdom!

The Patriarchal Session only develops in a proper and energetically way with all 'Apostles' (OOf) at their seats within the Ecliptic Wheel (Holy Supper Table), that do carry the same body energy assigned to each ‘Seat’, without forgetting that, e.g.: the Virgin (Orat), Judas (Treas), Christ (Jr∴ Deac), the Holy Ghost (Sr Deac), etc., and at the Golgotha (East), also portraying the Bad Thief (Secr) and the Good Thief (Orat), etc.!

So every allegory is extremely mystifying and even allows someone to 'touch' TRUTH, but, as a rule, the majority remains in a 'scam', while only Symbolism allows to WIDE OPEN CONSCIENCE GATES TO WISDOM: SOPHIA, thus who LOVES ITPHILO, thereby PHILO SOPHIA! All remaining are 'barred' by 'Jericho Walls'!

But let’s face a relevant question, Brethren: Have some of you ever seen a tree producing houses, or a tree producing blenders, or a tree producing cell phones, or a tree producing men suits, or a tree producing bridal gown, etc.?

Or else! If it was not collected (fruits, vegetables, carcasses, etc.), if it was not hunted (birds, fishes, animals, etc.), if it was not occupied for living (caves, grottoes, etc.), if it was not…, surely it debuted through MAN CREATIVITY, from those very few who carried a 'Holy Fire' (Divine Spark Consciousness) within Him! As our composition is ALL TELLURIC MATTER-BASED (Carbon, Calcium, Sodium, Zinc, Oxygen, Hydrogen, Sulphur, etc.), only those rare men who, given the time hour they were born, does exhibits an EMPTINESS (Chalice, Grail) that could be later filled (Men, after 30 years age) by small portions of the 'Holy Fire', which is the leverage CREATIVITY that gave birth to numerous 'Magic Creations' that allow us to live today, whereas possible, with reasonable comfort, with ORDO AB CHAOS.

Now do perform a Patriarchal Rite initiation of any such 'solid & deformed mass' (raw-stones), and one shall have a 'stampede-of-elephants' inside a crystals and china’s shop! For all of them, do confuse MAGIC (CREATIVITY), with 'witchcraft' and OCCULTISM with everything that is not visible and palpable (only for the blind one’s led by the Hamelin Pied Piper, our 'aasr supreme council'), due everything portrays a solid alchemical, physics, arithmetic and golden means geometry base! You only had to have eyes to see and look for it! And these are the same profanes-of-apron that furiously inner 'resonate' back with they mind energy produced in Temple! The mankind-old Karma, or Tikun-Nephesh concept!

And here one got evidences of the old fable reality of the Scorpion ask to hitchhiking the Toad to cross a river, BOTH DIE!

It is possible to realize that all these technical data is not genetic, or DNA transferred, as it occur in all ethnic groups, and to probe it check that both ascendants and descendants of Albert Einstein, Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Marconi, Tesla, etc., weren’t any GENII worthy of mention!

Nor a "Single Swallow does make (happen) Summer", an euphemism to remember that without a dream team, you cannot look at the SAME EVENT through all Ecliptic angles, and although they must be all 'awaken' members of a Lodge, a mandatory pre-requisite, as they details different descriptions of what each one sees, while the SYNTHESIS OF ALL VIEWS, GNOSIS, CAN ONLY BE ACHIEVED BY AN AWAKENED WM (Adam at the Garden-Of-Eden, "Before-The-Fall") due it is the ONLY OFFICER out of the Ecliptic (GRAIL: "After-The-Fall", Nature Eve 'Wombs')!

In case all Brethren members are not 'awaken', or if there is a minimum consensus, surely there are 'veiled-minds' aboard GRAIL! It derives from this simple technical data, the total ignominy and wrong-doing of a voting in Lodge, except for a new WM (Pope) election!

Now do a hunch, why and where it is held the Union-Chain? Amidst-the-Holy-Grail center! Note that I do emphasize certain details albeit clearly visible, because many Bros∴ cannot see them due they are in search of what DOES NOT EXIST: Allegories! Also unexpected yet uninvited visitors do 'macule' a Lodge Holy Grail by contaminating their original Adam Kadmon!

Naturally, for simpletons, 'veiled-minds', 'raw-stones', Abel's and Cain’s, gullible, within their religious 'Crime & Punishment', which is an excellent and indispensable 'handy-supper' companion to lead them with reasonable safety within life as they do not have even a tiny 'emptiness' (Chalice, Grail) to be completed by the Divine Consciousness. See Bread and Circus (Soccer, World Cup, Olympics, Soap-operas, etc.), which are now offered to people in order to calm them down and also to entertain!

We always heard and anxiously read everything about the 'Search' and the 'Protection' of the Mythical Holy Grail, Dan Brown even extended it in thrilling fictions about, but as we are accustomed to eat 'fast-food', one never went out searching for Holy-Suppers, not only because plenty of hard work are associated with it (tired neurons, synapses does not happen when serotonin lacks), most of them very misleading, meanwhile we, as a gullible Brethren do believes that 'aasr supreme council' knows what they are doing. SAD SIN, we are 'headed' to a 'pillory' mill chained by mystifying tales as they are merely collecting tithes from lazy ignorants.

So, nothing is left to priests and pastors that drivers ignorant and starving 'flocks'! Where is the tithe, 'sinner'?

Check out below illustration, which is an in-depth detailed technical view of the Great Celestial Virgin Rite, the Ancient Egypt Isis Rite, the AMORC R+C, the York and Emulation Rites, and the External Templar Knights Rite, while the masonic ones, depict a Gospel Freemasonry (gullible religious).

Yet do not scare, put it side by side with the previous instruction illustration, where the previous one is Isometric displayed and this one is Horizontal viewed - albeit this ritual is performed in the Horizontal plane for practical reasons - in view of Jacob's Ladder, or Spheres Music Scale, that are both at Vertical position! It is allocated at an energetic plane below it, and the GRAIL is to be vertical conceptually viewed, "After-the-Fall" (fall from the THRONE) = Astral Plane = Mosaic Floor = West.’., or below the AASR THRONE (ADAM KADMON at the Garden-of-Eden, "Before-the-Fall" = Mind Plane), in order to collect the BRILLANT WHITE EGREGORE, the fertilizing ‘white semen’ from a SINGLE YET UNITE WILL, AN ADAM KADMON AROUSED BY the Patriarchal Lodge Brethren.

Now can be revealed that the HOLY GRAIL is EVE, the VIRGIN NATURE, which one receives inflows of the LODGE VERB we all pronounce at the RITE! As it strictly matches a Christian maxim: "It is not what you eat, that condemns you, but what you do pronounce!" Yet even with 'clapping' at the session end, it is not ‘deleted’, just because everything pronounced in session, be it intentional, clumsy, or conflicting, all of them does DROP DIRECTLY DOWN INTO THE CHALICE AND SHALL PRODUCE ACCORDINGLY RESULTS THROUGH EARTH-CORE DIRECT RESONANCE IN ALL YOUR FAMILY BODY (ETHNICITY, COUNTRY, PEOPLE, TRIBE, etc.). The Union-Chain serves to enhance an INTENT exponentially: AT THE BEGINNING, IT WAS THE VERB!

Both Temple Gates shown at Two CCol  Bases, replicates Sumerian Tiger and Euphrates Rivers, Women Two Ovaries, as only she can receive the LIGHT (Male White symbolic 'Semen': THE LIGHT, POSITIVE POLARITY) when 'mounted’ over HER (AASR WM∴ THRONE), and in due astrological time, She shall deliver the GOLDEN CHILD bellow and between Her legs!

This is a must have electromagnetic condition: a Cosmic Energy carrying NEGATIVE POLARITY to establish EGREGORE, as it is symbolically delivered by a Virgin 'Red Menstruation’, and this is also the symbolic meaning to cross the Bronze Sea at AASR Initiation: to leave Behind Mother’s Home as to ENTER FATHER’s HOME - (AMORC R+C uses this ‘Red’ edge color on their aprons), and also to be IMPOSSIBLE A WOMAN BE INITIATED IN FREEMASONRY OR BE A MASTER OF ANY KIND OF RITE! Or 'PRESIDENT'!!

Just in time, York and Emulation Rites SSrWW must handle/carry the SAME NEGATIVE POLARITY OF A VESTAL VIRGIN, NON MENSTRUATED and WITH NO PMT! Curious, isn’t it?! To do so, a SrW must have born between ±8:00 am and ±10:00 am (Astrological Aquarius House), in order to establish the 'Difference-of-Potential' with a WM POSITIVE POLARITY (Astrological Leo House), as to ignite the EMOTIONAL EGREGORE!

Even more curious is to recall that ALL RELIGIONS requires a woman to marry VIRGIN AND PURE, as it is not by accident! Oddly enough, She is OUR FAMILY HOLY GRAIL!

Wow, some might say, She argues me almost every day and randomly I got kisses! But only in this way, by respecting her and being back respected, by protecting her all-the-way, can one FORM A FAMILY or CONSOLIDATE OUR ADAM KADMON, OUR ARK, and OUR COUNTRY, though today, almost all 'marriageable' girls are easy going to bed!

Now, with all these clarified truisms, if by chance a Brother complains about anything, any 'wrongdoing' by a politician, etc., I suggest he must left His good life and do take off seat his ‘fat ass’ and start to hard work, yet Fair and Righteous, in Coherent Intent, albeit not aroused unanimously, raises by a W M single handed declared DECISION at Lodge Sublime Works!

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