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The Double-Head Eagle Temple Energy

Freemasonry is one of the most antique Ritualistic Traditions exclusively for Men [+5,000 years], albeit known by several other names always in accordance with the Great Civilization Traditions where it was practiced.

It can be recognized at Ancient Greece as Hermes, at the Roman Empire as Mercury, at the Egyptian Empire as Osiris, at the Sumerian Empire as a Double-Head Eagle, at the Persian Empire as Mythra, at the Ancient India as (A)Brahman, at the 1st Temple Era in Israel as King Solomon, at Mediæval Era as Templar Knights, etc., yet their technical foundation is based on Astrologic Energy, as revealed by the Mercury Symbol that structures the Energy Flow at the Temple.

Yet the Astrologic Mercury Symbol is by far a lot older than all above Traditions.

The AASR Masonic & Templar Knights Internal Order Energy Flow
[Click on image to watch T
GAOTU Energy ‘descend’ flow in an AASR Temple]

Firstly THE (1) ONE splits in TWO halves, then to THE (3) THREE: THE HOLY FAMILY – then THE GOLDEN CHILD ‘FALLS’ into the VOID = THE (4) FOUR = THE CROSS and as soon HE gets ‘nailed off' THE CROSS then the Eternal come back to THE (3) THREE resumes again and again and again...


Actually, in spite of several Freemasonry rites known to date the only Real Royal Art Freemason Rite is the AASR - Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite that albeit portraying a Scottish identification has no relation at all to an early starting lone Scottish Tradition, perhaps some evidences links it to King Arthur's Knights Saga

There are several reasons supporting the Scottish name adoption to conceal their real astrologic origins being the main one the Powerful Energy [Egregore] that flows while in a Temple Rite that really put under deep psychological, emotional and hormonal [genital] stress all Men initiates that do not conforms to their must needed basic standards. 

Double check all of the must needed basic requirements at the The Royal Art - AASR Initiates Clearing Essay

The next one is related to an expected independence from all religions, that at XVIII Century were all very powerful, thus only KingsNoble Men and Knights could eventually apply to or be invited to without suffering from any religious persecution and Scottish men were known as very independent and proud one’s.

Double check the Portolan's Templar Rites Pack to evaluate how every 'weirdTemplar Rite do derives from 3 basic one’s being the formal ‘dressing’ and ‘wording’ the main difference among them all!

We are all equal yet some of us are more equal than all others” basic motto extracted from 1984 a classic work from George Orwell where he stated about his deep disillusion with Joseph Stalin’s USSR Communism. This phrase became an oppression and loss of dignity symbol that can be further applied to everyone behaving accordingly to communist bigot ideals. The Animal's Farm Revolution was its ‘mirror motto’.

However being ‘more equal than all others’ do also defines a Enlightened Group of Men that beholds Mankind Conductors Sublime Task always under a Higher Conscience Guidance – Joseph Stalin obviously seems to not hold such an higher level guidance – and this double behavior/outcome meaning – or an Energy flow that can only be detected when facing a double polarity condition do pertain to every activity at Earth. So extreme care must be exercised when trying to help others in order to not eventually hurt them.

This Higher Conscience Guidance does only happens to make presence before Responsible, Just and Righteousness Men, normally entitled as Masters which one’s must be free of Birth, free of Age, free of Mind and keep apart from their Lower Self [Ego] control as well, therefore the Free prefix from the Freemason identification.

The Evolution Tree Unveiling The Five Most Important Masonic Degrees

Thus, Real Royal Art Freemasons aside from being probed under rigid ethical, higher moral and top social standards as well they still have to be further scrutinized under two astrologic probes as follows:

1st - To be 'Cradle' entitled, or better, to not being born between ±06:00h a.m. & ±12:00h a.m., or his Solar Birth House [not Solar Birth Sign] to not be spotted at the 12th House – Pisces (naivety), or at the 11th House - Aquarius (lasciviousness) and last, at the 10th House – Capricornus (aggressiveness), due these 3 houses are kept in total Solar Light [Mind] blindness caused by the Lunar [Religious & Maternal] Metonic Cycle cover action.

Thus this is the foundation of the 3 knocks done by the EA at Temple’s Gate showing that He is already freed from ‘Plato’s Cave’ = Mind Darkness and also to the foundations of Temple Sublime Works to begin at Midday – and yet to be completely ended at Midnight.

2nd - To be Initiated at a specific date: the transiting Full Moon that matches His own Moon Birth Chart House, in order to be also freed from His Mother Home [Moon: Religious Mother] thus allowing Him to start His Cosmic Journey towards His Father Home [Sun: Creator] and to do so, an Individual must seat at His own Kidneys [Double Columns: Legs pivots] as to achieve basic conditions to start talking with His Creator – as to mime Abraham special position that enables Him to ‘talk’ with TGAOTU - due the EA is energetically seated at the Sagittarius Sign Energy, the Centaurus: half Stallion, half Man, and His Man portion is pointing an arrow in a tense bow towards the Sun meaning “I recognize You as my Creator, please, accept me as your ‘Prodigal Son’ due I am already at the Return Path to Paradise, albeit still half Animal”!

Needless to say, merely these unattended important Astrologic Wisdom probes loss somewhere in time lead to a plethora of initiates at Freemasonry that albeit backed by a bunch of good intentions (The Hell is a warehouse full of ‘Good Intentions’] and being profane probed accordingly, most of them did fail to perform as a Just & Righteous into the Brethren.

Yet one more critical step remain under the dust of time and it is detailed bellow:

3rd - To be freed from underage Saturn oppression, which means an escape from severe sexual hormonal [slavery] submission an event that requires a Man to have more than 30 years to be Initiated, otherwise He could not left at His Own Will the Mother Home.

Nowadays with the scientific knowledge acquired with the research of the Human Genome – the DNA – everybody with a minimum reading of daily news knows what a Stem Cell really means – the Cell that do transform itself into any Cell of a Human Body, from nails to brain one’s, thus entitling the early fertilized Ovule to produce all kind of Cells that are embodied in all organs and parts of a Human Body.

Now we can address a cross statement that when we are born we are but a Giant Stem Cell that besides the acquired parents TCGA components inside the DNA spiral they are further embedded with the Astrologic Energies defined by the place, date and hour timely associated with the Cultural & Education inserts acquired lifelong (a free-will thinker or a bigot one) that do fully defines an individual ability to face LIFE as it really is, either as a free-will man or as another blind plus deaf slave one.

Therefore, all those that do not meet the required conditions to be a Freemason (Men born between ±06:00h a.m. & ±12:00h a.m. regardless of the place and obviously Women) cannot be considered sinners by birth and they are not even dead-alive as some religions consider them.

However only the astrologic requirements are responsible to bar most candidates to be a Real Freemason yet the wide proliferation of dissident Masonic Powers and the larger size of early one’s asks for a increasing number of paying members in order to support their activities, a fact that asks for a deeper deregulation of all these requirements.

One must face the fact that there are real challenges to overcome when a Man are initiated in an original AASR Freemason Rite and not everyone accepted only with a flat ethical & moral background do sustains himself into the Brethren, only the more apt, due the Initiation itself reassembles the last 3 days of Capricornus Sign [Can you recall the EA 3 knocks done at Temple’s Gate?] – obviously taken clockwise [Planets in a retrograde movement] in a Ecliptic Wheel – thus matching exactly the 24th December at Midnight born date of Christ and Mithra and this type of Energy do blow inside their body and soul turning those not yet apt very uncomfortable and extremely dogmatics and radicals.

The possible reason to corrupt the original AASR Rite - do inspect Freemasonry – Lost Pearls and Overthrowing Temple Columns essays - and the creation of several other placebos rites lies into the absence of any Luminous Energy flowing in these new ones, thus all of them do merely behave as a service club or a company boardroom meeting, being the energies spotted inside at the meeting a mere lower-self (ego) sum of all participants - which one might randomly spread from a soccer team confraternity level down to a deep and wider conflict.

Here can be found another trial to force these no-energy rites members to visit other lodges and rites possibly to meet original AASR Rites Lodges as to test how do they react to the Powerful Energies found at uncorrupted original AASR Rites.

Yet, this movement backfired as the Golden Child [Egregore] was also thrown at the drain together the water bath because it was some of the original AASR Rites Lodges that went corrupted instead of an expected slow but continuous enlightening [Royal Solar Brethren] of other no energy rites that was to be accomplished by their members better approach to Life quests.

Double check the essay AASR Integrity Loss  to evaluate how to control an Earth orbital station ['Before-the-FallTemple] created by our EXPANDED MIND yet managed by our Hands!

There are other astrologic aspects to take into account when cross-references are made between MenEarth and Masonic Powers, their Rites and Lodges that do pertains to the North Hemisphere and to the Southern one.

Earth-Man - TGAOTU - Tree of Life Cross References

One must consider that all Southern Hemisphere PowersRites & Lodges are allocated below Equator and distributed around the Tropic of Capricorn, which by its turn matches the Masonic Temple Gate.

Thus all Powers, Lodges and their Members do pertain to the Occident and must obey the SW guidance as the Equator line represents the Solemn Oath's Lights Altar. Thus, they hold the Energy Level of an EA

On the other side all 
PowersRites & Lodges that are allocated at Northern Hemisphere, above the Equator line – The Solemn Oath's Lights Altar – are establish around the Tropic of Cancer deep into the Orient and thus they must obey the WM guidance and do holds the Energy Level of a MM

This is an astrologic fact that permeates every Tradition, quite recently (±30 years) even the 
Catholic Pope did establish an encyclical addressed to all Catholic Bishops stating that there were no sins (or sinners) below Equator line.

This fact may address a misinterpretation stating that all habitants of the South Hemisphere are indeed EE∴AA [children] and all those of the North Hemisphere are already Masters [adults], yet as all ethnics groups do have only one Cubic Stone and a plethora of Raw Stones split into several levels, surely there are more adults above Equator Line and more children bellow it, albeit most of them, mainly due to the no-Energy Rites widespread through both Hemispheres do really portray conditions to mostly perform an Opus Minor rather than an Opus Magus! The York Rite is a lower level energy ('After-the-Fall', receptive not active) than the AASR Rite!

But, there is always an if…, this fact really affects all South Hemisphere Powers (they indeed are somewhat tricky) yet it may not affect directly all AASR Rite Lodges mostly the uncorrupted ones due they operate into the Ecliptic [AstrologicRealm and above, therefore they are out of the Earth Telluric Environment (read: Consecrated) that rules any kind of enterprise being it profane or sacred ones.

Actually some Philosophical Orders Members (Freemasonry is one of them) do behave as if they were a better mankind outcome, an enlightened one and everybody that are not a mere charcoal piece, a homunculus, a Kama Rupa, a Raw Stone – and at this point one must recall again 1984 – as this is the dark side of it and one should avoid behaving look alike some politicians that forget their Responsibility is always at stake within their community.

Actually one often neglected aspect of Freemasonry is that when it looses focus, their borough, city, country, etc., also looses their North: a ‘cockroach ride behavior after the drain cover is removed’ results are spread for all their people.

One more care to consider: on present days the adoption of a surgery birth delivery mostly appointed to the early hours of the day, do mime the raising of a cattle look alike Raw Stone babies. And obviously, Raw Stone behavior adults.

One shall always recall that Royal Art Freemasons handled USA Independence Declaration, the same happened under similar conditions at France, Great Britain, Brazil and a lot of other countries.

Ot Manu - MM

One of the Just and Righteous Actions Masters

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