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It’s a Master Mason’s most important "BODY ENERGY PROTECTION", absolutely supporting any 3rd DEGREE symbolism, although it’s inseparable from it, as we shall confer ahead.

It’s neither a mere "Adorn", for it’s energy and operationally “SHELL” equivalent to Templars Knights "ELMS", Kings "CROWN", Jews "KIPAH", Christians Priests "CAP", Pope "MITRE", Islamic Imams, Sheiks and Ayatollahs "TURBANS", Muslim Women "BURKAS", Indigenous Chiefs "COCKADE", etc.!

So what is it really?

Well, as Human Body is rational and automatically controlled by Two Brain Hemispheres, and indeed truly curious, Left Brain Hemisphere controls all Human Body Right Side, Head included, and Right Brain Hemisphere by its turn, does controls entire Human Body Left Side, Head idem, thereby as a direct result of this neural anatomic cross-management, every Dextrous Human Being automatically follows an accepted and engraved Left Brain Hemisphere "COMMAND", either holding His "SWORD", raised for his family protection, or as an "Executioner", killing at random!

Check following image, whereas LAW defines all Life Lessons an individual acquired through their 'Learning' paths of how to behave according to their companies in all environments in which He 'grew-up', which inevitably conditions him/her to accept everything that 'fits' HIS INDIVIDUAL LAW EXPERIENCES!


We are now beginning to suspect the reasoning why an Egyptian Pharaoh after dying was mummified and all his entrails and internal organs, Brain included, were removed and stored in separate amphorae.

Pure research and in-vitro log of a ‘Living-God’ Life condition, of all HIS BODY ENERGY CENTERS.

The Hebrew TREE-OF-LIFE back to its early Egyptian roots, was known as 'FLOWER-OF-LIFE', due it symbolically and bi-univocally represents Human Body and Universe Energy Structure, as all Creation things does strictly obeys Fibonacci Series, expanded according to its Ellipse that begins in TGAOTU Left Brain Hemisphere and expands throughout all His Body Right Hand side.

How to drive and/or manipulate someone is actually a trivial and extremely simple skill, check 'kindergartens’, adults one’s included, here properly nicknamed as 'Zombies', due when someone enters a RESONANT GOLDEN MEANS PROPORTIONS BUILDING, i.e.: in order to attend a Temple Service, a Football game, a common gregarious practice, without being properly Brain protected, an unacceptable fact often observed in current 'Freemasonry', all their participants generated BODYLY EMOTIONAL ENERGY does shapes an EGREGOR ENERGY timely triggered e.g., by hearing an Appr.’. Instruction, a 'Law-And-Order' discussion, or a ‘Goal’, thus the resulting EGREGOR will be properly handled and formatted by an 'Worse-shipful Master', even if comes out as a result of an infamous 'voting' (a Royal God King decides solely!), thereby deep penetrating and engraving indelibly all non protected participants Left Brain Hemispheres.

img aprendizThat’s EEAA & FFCC degrees, but MM.’.MM.’.?

In EEAA & FFCC degrees it is necessary to 'wipe-out' all 'nonsense' religious and ideological themes them inculcated since early childhood, albeit utmost important ones to their mutual coexistence up to Freemasonry Initiation, so they aren’t allowed to wear Black Hats, but MM.'.MM.'. Sublime Tasks are to Instruct and Develop them all, whereas all together inexorably ends up emulating each other, literally in common 'masturbation', 'Oh, but we are all 'good' and 'brotherly-love' onanistic ones!

So, full ‘success’ was achieved in throwing down Jericho 'Walls', carried out by current ‘temple-merchants', former UGLE that to avoid an imminent bankruptcy, wide opened their doors to all those who could pay, allowing entry to all 'Three-Days-in-Hell-Dwellers', turning ‘ROYAL ART’ in true adult foolish 'kindergartens’!

It becomes evident that this blind and dumb 'brotherly-love' eagerness trying to establish an "UNCONDITIONAL LOVE" faced against 'ACTION-AND-REACTION-LAW' automatism do inexorably produces an "UNCONDITIONAL HATE", mostly as 'Wolfs-Disguised-As-Lambs' due when it fully activates in "TGAOTU” COUNTRY BODY, it drives unspeakable corresponding bowels (below 'waist') convulsions, which ones directly addresses all 'offenders' hordes, especially bad politicians, as to take full advantage of the immense naive, suffered, hopeful body mass fully receptive to religious / ideological preaching.


That is, current Masonic Rites, with their members completely ignoring what they are there to do, do end up energizing and strengthening all ‘offenders’ hordes, ‘bad-politicians’, ‘drug-traffickers’, ‘evangelical-money-driven-sects’, IS, Boko-Haran, Arab Spring and all dumb ‘leftists’ as well, by unceasingly repeat as fanatics and dogmatists 'zombies' they are, rusty 'words-of-order', like: I am a 'good' and 'brotherly-love’ sucker, I am only 'peace' and 'Love', etc.!

ZombieAnd provided both 'Mind Tsunamis' "EGREGORES" one derived from "UNCONDITIONAL LOVE" and their opposite, "UNCONDITIONAL HATE" as well, do additionally depends on individual dubious interpretation of all those deafness people who 'Dwells' in 'THREE-DAYS-AT-HELLS’, they do firstly interpret it as "ONLY-GOOD-TO-ME", which inevitably causes a great buzz among paedophiles, swindlers, drug addicts, gays, traffickers, football-cheers, robbers, murderers, corrupts, etc.!


A fundamental reason for a GOOD AND CONTINUING EDUCATION!

Thereby True MM.'.MM.’., aside letting far behind their "THREE-DAYS-AT-HELLS" must also set for their own deep and hard research probes, as apart from taking part in several 'EGREGORES': family, professional, academic, etc., always as a collaborator or it’s driver, due once He learns ‘hands-on’ in practice how, when and with whom to 'behave' and how to 'disengage' from 'cages' and 'tough-forms', He can keep his "FREE WILL", thus this is why He only enters a Holy Temple with His "LEFT-FOOT" ahead thereby leaving out everything that is not of HIS OWN, and HE ALSO NEVER RESTS HIS HANDS WAIST DOWN OR SHORT-CIRCUITS HIS BODY ENERGY BY JOINING HANDS TOGETHER!


Utmost important: Holy Temples are only those Consecrated and with a single Lodge occupancy, never Hot-Bed-Slums-Lodges, nor Stadiums, Churches, Synagogues, Mosques, Ashrams, etc.!

And check that as WE ARE ALL "HOSTAGES-OF-OUR-PHYSICAL-BODIES" the ‘Saddled-Horse’ that stopped at our side at ‘Birth’, providing we are no longer "THREE-DAYS-AT-HELLS" dwellers, the known RAW-STONES, holding infirmities almost daily, we also shall have some few days in the future, known as "DAYS-OF-CONFINEMENT", in face of our behavioural PHYSICAL BODIES difficulties, a fact that force us to NOT PARTICIPATE IN RITUALISTIC ACTIVITIES on those dates.

Now you are aware why less than 100 years ago, all educated and cult people, men and women, always used 'hats' in public commitments, a dress accessory that was considered rather 'chic', in fact, it was individual ENERGY PROTECTION!

Sad fate we all currently experience a Res-Public composed of 'good' and 'brotherly-love' Lunatics-of-Apron, for which Sadist (CAIN) idiot would make anyone blindly suffer without avail vilely his ingenuity (ABEL)?

A lot better, as we have daily spotted at News, are those practiced by some today's CAINs, i.e. "TAKE MILLIONS OF(F) POVERTY" and deposit it in a 'tax-free-paradise'!

Providing you didn’t evaluate all above as pure-delirium, ‘HIT-THE-ROAD-JACK’ and do not deep engulf in blind needless suffering for yourself, your family and your Country!

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