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The truth is that there are only two kinds of men around the world:

"The very few who have realized the powerful Divine Scheme, and the vast masses who still do not know."

The last ones, lives for themselves and are completely enslaved by their passions, the first ones lives for God and evolution, which is His will, yet totally independs, if they are called Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, Christians or Jews.

Somewhere back in time, around millions of years, when Giant Titans ([A]Suras Gods) did use to ‘walk’ on Earth, life was a constant, intense and violent struggle for survival, as all other living beings then, Animals and Plants, were also huge, voracious and ferocious, making the family concept numerically restricted and short-lived. And all of them, fought for survival.

Then, even at those primeval times – Jurassic Era and prior one's - plenty of global cataclysms were caused by tectonic plates movement, which one’s figure out to be a sequential and continuous events, modifying not only Globe geography, but also the shape, structure and cellular structure of all living beings, decimating at every each opportunity, almost all living beings - Reptiles - and also the gigantic Titans, due the lack of food that always followed it, which lead all them to wait for continuous and large mutations (evolutionary and yet degenerative process), which would allow a Titan 'walk' on Earth revival. Thus, it was then probed that Life lasts till End-of-the-World, while always (re)starting again after the Flood (the continuous and cyclical changes in Earth's Magnetic Poles, see below illustration: Black, Poles as in the current position – White, in the opposite geomagnetic polarity).

Even so, all our distant past memories scattered by pieces, mostly composed of harsh and painful experiences, were continuously stored, as an affinity energy it is, in an embryonic Ethereal Cloud - the Akasha - as all of them, did arise from relentless daily struggles, though enormous, sometimes insane, but tough, to survive, behold 'deposited' in those still rough and malformed bodies to be, the famous "Job's Saga" and "Gilgamesh"!

An unexpected surprise ran from the sprayed 'myriad' (10,000 units) Cells, derived from each Giant Titan previous annihilation, occurred at every new re-start of life, thus resulting in 'Lilipuths' human beings dimensions, as compared to it, also followed by various new types of smaller animals, newer Plants specimens and a great variety of minerals, some more sophisticated than those hitherto known: Sandstones and Volcanic Basalts, the Crystals.

It was finally consolidated the 'Ark' ancient concept, which one included all Family Members, Animals, Plants and Minerals that earlier were part of a body structure of a single Titan.

Therefore, how to keep and hold together all 'cells' of an ancient Giant Titan – now an ethnie, tribe, clan, people, nation, etc. – it did became not only an urgent task, given its tantamount importance in dealing with an immeasurable fragmentation, when suddenly there was the outbreak of some enlightened Human beings with access to that Ethereal Cloud - the Akasha - and after a few thousand years, could they, the primeval Royal Sages of antiquity, to clearly identify the Sacred Geometry Ancestral Foundations.

Then the Royal Sages unraveled, as they undoubtly were the representatives of a Titan Head "Cells" that it was assigned only to themselves this Holy Task, whereas everytime they keep ‘united in mind’ towards a common purpose solution, a Brethren, they really take "Command" of his vast "body", albeit fragmented into numerous Liliputhians beings (Egyptian God Osiris Saga, dismembered by 72 Auxiliary of the Underworld Egyptian Seti God and scattered all across the Equator). So were 'created' the Patriarchal Temples and Rituals in all Globe latitudes and longitudes.

But in order to keep all their other brothers and sisters (‘cells’) 'calm' and steadly life flowing, as they did not own an ‘innate’ Mind Ethereal Cloud access, the Royal Sages decided to 'create' fables, myths, allegories, sagas, heroes, punishments, sins, rewards, hopes, etc., so as to make them 'behave' accordingly and to not 'mingle' with another Tribe (Titan ‘cells’). This was the way found to tightly control all components of a tribe – a religious temple rite – to where all 'lost' members should direct themselves as a return path to 'reconnect' to the Etheric Body of their own Titan [Communion].

It was therefore realized some time ahead, another valid ‘war’ strategy, one that, in a natural replacement for a Titans (Tribes) good fight, a trial approach to 'enlist' all no-Brain rivals 'cells' thus heavily strengthening itself, besides that, without any bloodshed, eventually completely subduing the enemy without even a single combat. As the 'enemy' Titan [Patriarch], without possessing enough Pawns [Army soldiers], one has only to dispose off the "King" and "Queen." At this very moment, the final Royal 'Chess Game' movement, a 'checkmate' final play occurred!

Or, in order to quicklier 'strengthen' a Titan, to simply 'kidnap' other tribes women, thus rapidly increasing its population [cells], as a new member always took nine months of pregnancy and yet over 18 years to become a 'warrior'.

This is how was born the extensive outreach and dissemination of 'sublime loving purposes' of a Titan (ethnie) religion and the more conquered fans from another tribe were subdued, the mind ‘conqueror’ would become stronger and more powerful. Thus, a Tribe "Cain's" (aggressives) looks for "Abel's" (suckers) at other Tribe, so it was naturally later extinguished. This is the main reason for great civilizations 'fall': Bodyless Titans who also 'lost' their heads and became extinct!

So when a sightless and blind person adheres to a foreign 'religion', or to an exogenous masonic power rite (UGLE, e.g., do open their Masonic works in Brazil, in a devout action towards the Queen of England) than that of their tribe (ethnie), it is strengthening the other ethnicity and weakening HIS FAMILY and HIS COUNTRY!

Likewise, if a Patriarchal Masonic Power do seek 'recognition' of another one, it's in reality MENTALLY SERVILE YOKING ITSELF TO ANOTHER TITAN [Patriarch]!



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