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The First Portable Patriarcal Rite

The Egyptian/Hebrew Ark Of The Covenant and the Persian/Indian Magic Rug are the very same thing as both holds a Golden Means Sacred Geometry space that when properly energized might brought THE ONE CREATOR ENERGY into it. The Golden Means can be geometrically drawn from the Fibonacci Mathematical Series as it was identified into every structure found in Nature ranging from minerals – best known are the crystal shapes – going through all botanic specimens and further embedded into insects body shapes, animals and Men (everything inside his body does follows the Golden Means proportions standards).

Obviously a Golden Means land mark space is best known as a Holy One whereas THE ONE CREATOR ENERGY [Egregore: The Golden Child] may Enlighten all those participants at The Cult. It fully resonates with THE ONE CREATOR ENERGY only when and if properly activated.

Ark of The Covenant Kerubs

It is a Men’s only Ritual that starts at the Astral Plane and proceeds further up to the Causal One beyond the Mother Moon Metonic Cycle yet facing directly the Father Sun Light Energy spread over 270º of the Ecliptic Wheel and after it one can identify the Throne - beneath Leo - as Ezequiel once did at ancient times while still captive at flesh at Hebar River margins (Aquarius).

It can be viewed as a Mercury Symbol [Hermes Thot] that gives support to foundations of the Emerald Tablet Wisdom regarding The Triple Magus, the Thrice Great = The Holy Family: Sun [Father], Crescent Moon [Virgin] and Earthy Cross [Son of Man: Manifested Creation] that emanates and transcends from THE ONE CREATOR ENERGY: The Holy Trinity that creates everything.

This is the Prodigal Son return path!

Then there is a both genders Rite that reassembles the Great Virgin of the Universe Energy that albeit energy structured under a Venus Symbol – it only differs from the Mercury Symbol by lacking the ‘Moon Horns’ (Wisdom) above it, as Eve was symbolically created after a ‘Adam rib’ – it is also practiced at a Golden Means Holy Space although at a lower energy level than that the Mercury Symbol exhibits.

The Mayeth Goddess

This is the HOLY VIRGIN Descend/Mind Fertilization path!

One shall take into account that Energy levels activated at both types of Holy Spaces are very powerful and absolutely most common people could not face it without severe physical discomfort and psychological stress. This is the real foundation for it to be kept secret.

As a simple disclosure of one of it’s aroused multiple challenges one might have heard in astrology topics that relies in ‘retrograde’ Planets (Astres) and the difficult times they brought to a live being when it suddenly debut at someone’s life – well this is exactly what happens at an Enlightened and Overjoyed Rite to all their participants, that albeit feeling a lot better while at it and after it, they shall face all it’s timely effects somewhere ahead in time. Are you ready for a Post-Graduation in a PhD – Philosophical Degrees?

Thus the devoted Sacrifice for All Creation, or the Saccro Offizio individually performed in Name of The One Creator to All Creation Beings ranging from minerals (raw stones) to Messiahs.

The AASR Patriarchal Rite only for Men is the modern Ark-Of-The-Covenant, yet the Rose-Croix Rite for both genders is the Modern Cathedral Virginal [Aphrodite, Minerva, Isis, Shiva, etc.] Energy one.

3rd AASR MM (USA MMMM must have reached the Sixth AASR Degree as the first 3 ones are exercised at the York Rite that exhibits the same Energy Level of the Rose-Croix Rite above depicted).

Also 3rd  Degree Rosicrucian’s and up as well can apply independently in order to acquire separate full plans for their own portable Temple rites. All other must follow the Western Tradition Kabbalah study and departing from the 15th Scroll providing their astrology birth data do entitles for it, then the appropriate rite initiation is given to an individual.

Ot Manu - MM∴ AASR Frater

One of The Righteousness Masters

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