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We always heard that every God, or 'Deity', e.g.: Jesus, Adonai, Brahman, Muhammad, etc., before they reach 'Heaven', all them did have to 'embitter' 3 (Three) Days in Hell.

This statement relates to birth hour of any individual, that fits the interval between ±06:00 am and ±12:00 am, revealing their utter inability to grasp TRUE REALITY and therefore reveals their inaptitude not only in conducting their ‘People’, but also to know whatsoever to decide in an unexpected and crucial timely crossroads.

Check that this assessment does only prevents someone in becoming a "Monk", remaining solely as a mere "Scriber", i.e. providing a "Scriber" does hard and boldness study, he would produce a lot in benefit to those who need their tested practical knowledge here acquired.

Yet a true innate "Monk", albeit claimed to be an authentic "Scribe" up to his 30 years, unexpectedly thereafter he shall automatically expand his objective Consciousness and Awareness, adding all ALEXANDRIA LIBRARY contents, located at "UPPER CONSCIOUSNESS", without any initiation, provide he doesn’t ‘walk-in-bad-companies' or do not have bad habits!

Thus a TRUE GOD must firstly learn and be familiar with all "HELLS" intricacies and could only abandon it when turning 30, when HE would be recognized as one of "EARTH WALKING GODS!"

Whence rascal symbolism for modern 'Barbarians’?


The 'Barbarians' wording, identifies all those who ignores Golden Means Geometry, Fibonacci Series, Action-and-Reaction-Law, Astrology, Vortex Energies, Energies Circulation, Radioestesia, Electromagnetism, etc., and how everything and everybody, do deep interacts with each other!

So what the Hell are "HELLS"?

Well, “HELLS” is all World space located "OUT-OF-TEMPLE", and it’s symbolically spotted amidst "COMPASS-ARMS-WIDE-OPENED-90º", however in REAL LIFE, “HELLS” derives from monthly recurring yet ‘tricky’ Transits and Aspects aroused by MOON Orbits that affects BIRTH CHART ASTRES (±120 Transits /month) of an individual, for his SUN BIRTH CHART is 'obscured' by MOON BIRTH CHART, a situation further deep aggravated if by chance MOON BIRTH CHART is also spotted at ASCENDANT (1st or 12th Zodiac House), thus forcing their holders to repetitively row psychological and behavioural cripple problems, which no one could control and/or manage it, problems such as outbreaks, depressions, aggressiveness, euphoria, naivety, exacerbated libidos and more, yet by being under direct dependence of human settlements, said gregarious spirit, e.g. at churches, stadiums, etc., where they are easily remote controlled by their own produced bodily emotional energies and verbally manipulated by ‘priests’ in temples services, thus becoming real 'Zombies' without own will, e.g.: Stadiums, Churches, Mosques, Conferences, Theatres, etc.!

The popular “RAW-STONE”!

Now one can access, and hopefully could grasp the huge roots differences among Human beings, 'Zombies' hordes against other 'Zombies' hordes, but this is 1st part only, since 2nd part starts when someone leaves "HELLS", "PLATO’s-CAVE", "MINOTAUR-LABYRINTH", etc., as when someone abandons MOON scope driving himself towards SUN scope, He is overshadowed by a immense COGNITIVE LIGHT, behold those born 'Above-Waist', i.e. after ±12:00am till ±06:00am, one could realize REALITY quite differently at each Ecliptic 5º, giving Legend support base to ancient Sumer "Babel-Tower" whereas everyone spoke and no one understood each other.

Likewise diverse comments account of apostles in "Holy-Supper"! (Sic)

Far from looking alike a chimera, or even a cognitive fault, this fact highlights that only a well-structured team, very motivated and better distributed of individuals born in different "ANGLES" (read: ANGELS, ANGELES, HOURS), always 'Above-Waist’, thereby "DIVINE", could compose a ROYAL COURT able to 'well-drive' his people, being unanimity a full and irreproachable proof of an incompetent and ignorant 'gang-of-fools', a third parties manipulated 'flock', the 'apocalypse-knights', simply because a global view provided by a well-informed and competent "Babel-Tower" staff does allows one ROYAL AND DIVINE RULER, which was once known as "WORSHIPFULL-MASTER" to perform a "SYNTHESIS" of all individual multiple visions and thus compose TOTAL REALITY, AS ‘VIEWED OVER A BRIDGE', which will allow a ‘KING GOD’ in their "THRONE" isolation, to "DECIDE FAIR AND RIGHTEOUSLY!"


But in current 'evangelical-freemasonry', it reigns absolute and impassive, the evidence that their current members are still struggling 'deaf' and 'blind' in complete ignorance, who among them does wishes more ardently the unconditional 'good' and 'brotherly-love' for all, or the sad true meaning of 'Christ' famous phrase: "HELL IS FULL OF GOOD INTENTIONS!"

Here we come across first major paradox: "If there's no more Kingdoms, Empires, Tyrants, Despots, etc., at least in most Western World countries, but 'democracies', why we don’t have a more fair and brotherly society?”

Well, if the overwhelming humanity majority is composed by 'Zombies', all of them "HELLS" dwellers, the 'Novel' democracy, acting rogue, insidiously and ignorantly, did force apart 'State Rulers' from 'Religion' one’s, trying to dodge their 'People' propelling ‘HE’ is the only one able to 'choose' their Leaders (sic), thus heavily provoking 'Religion', a lot wiser and millennia more experienced who drove 'cheating’ all, by continuously undercover 'desecrating’ Holy Masonic Temples, in such a magnitude and through all possible ways, that all 'People' must also address 'Religion' to be consoled, as both will now be doubly cheated, stolen and squandered, either the rude, ignorant, unhygienic and illiterate "Desert-of-Souls" Hells inhabitants, as all Lords dressed 'pseudo-Masons', proceeded to be so!

What 'Freemason' is unaware of a Catholic, Presbyterian, Anglican, etc., 'Priest', 'Monsignor', ‘Bishop’, etc., who was also recognized as a Bro? (Sic)

PopeSo, "Jericho-Walls" were torn down and Masonic Temple Columns as well, due 'Religion' hates competition on who will lead "HELLS" hosts, for this reason is that POPE uses a Mitre head cover with 'Two-Horns'.

And a 'Silly-Freemason' cares about 'Baphomet' (sic) obviously by imagining himself 'good' and 'brotherly-love' guy!

Now all 'awaken' Brethren (those born after ±12:00 am and before ±06:00 am), might at least wary the huge 'scam' to which they in good-faith agreed to participate, and realize astonished that the World is either controlled by UPPER SUN 'Enlightened' one’s, those born 'Above-Waist', or they are certainly desecrated, looted and destroyed by 'Barbarians-Hordes' emerging from "HELLS", those currently plaguing us, thanks UGLE, the current ‘Temple-Merchants'.

Note that World Mankind evolutionary suffering could be much lower if not driven by a 'Unconditional-Good-Intent' of our rulers, mind you, also energy 'inflated' in our ‘Brotherly-Love’ Lodges of our desecrated Masonic Temples.

As this energy 'binge' is global, we further annually suffer the verbalized 'diatribes' made in desecrated Masonic Temples located in Northern Hemisphere, but due effects of "Action-and-Reaction-Law", we all shall suffer, some people more, some less, the inescapable 'return-coup’ arising from this immense energy 'snot' perpetrated by reckless and ignorant Lodges composed of 'Barbarians-Hordes' meetings in search of a 'good' and 'brotherly-love' decision.

So notice also how a 'Unconditionally-Good-Intent' USA President did up to now, He breathed 'Arab Spring' results in thousands of deaths and refugees, apart from having played various USA ethnic groups against each other, a recognized and repudiated fact by their most eminent 'Black-People'!

And Brazil aimlessness, whereas a pseudo-party, composed of 'wallets-scouts' thugs, behold, founded by religious and ideological 'cretins', that welcomed them, took possession of Brazil, thanks to a speech that they have been taught and properly appropriated by evildoers, 'We against Them'.

A "KING" should only act FAIR AND RIGHTEOUSLY, in order to meet his people specific supplications, adding up to them, by being Sage, well informed with invincible armies, able to protect them from visible and invisible enemies, be them internal or external, but also to provide needed subsistence and welfare resources for His people.

Cerebro EscrotalNever to try match what is uneven, which inevitably result in 'toes-judging', or with 'testicles' and 'ovaries', instead of both Brain Hemispheres.

The present time we live in, indeed recurrent in human history, based in all currently observed, it’s described as "Age-of-Aquarius", or Bible related as "Sodom and Gomorrah," whereas in pretext of achieving a Humanity "Unconditional-Love", it also backfires generating a "Unconditional-Hate", so that both love and hate, results from actions derived from an exacerbated Intent, which one automatically generate an opposite reaction, also exacerbated, thus producing untold needless suffering!

How many of Us do have Children, Parents, Siblings, Uncles, Grandparents, Grandchildren, etc., that flat and behaviourally identifies as "HELLS" dwellers, apart from family Women’s, which until 'menstruation' end, so are?

As a Bros. in plain-good awareness, do you do or support anything that might hurt your family or even hurt your Country?

Or would you ever complain about anything with a 'Zombie' or even try to explain him why he shouldn’t think or behave that way?

Now you know why all 'authorities', whether 'religious' or 'political', addresses common people, always behaving as a 'Soapy-Catfish' trying to 'phrase' the way a largest group of 'Zombies' listeners are used to, and thus achieve their vile interests, or even a Country Supreme Targets, hence to 'lie', or verbal dissimulation, is a common needed artifice of all 'rulers', be them FAIR AND RIGHTEOUS or a 'Barbarian-Hordes' Chief.

So if a Bro. believes in G’D, he is 50% right, but if a Bro. is 'atheist', either by conviction or degree induction, he is also half right, the utmost rarest, is to find a TRUE MASTER MASON, ALWAYS USING BLACK HAT (as to not become a 'Zombie') due “G’D SLEEPS AT ROCKS, DREAMS AT PLANTS, AWAKENS AT ANIMALS AND DO FULLY REVEAL HIMSELF AT HUMANS”, and even more rare, very rare indeed, is to spot a 'ENLIGHTHENED ROYAL ART LODGE COMPOSED ONLY BY TRUE MASTERS MASONS, THOSE WHO ALREADY LEFT FAR BEHIND THEIR THREE (3) DAYS IN HELL AND ARE TIMELY TRUTH DIGGERS!"

Just in case: “Zombies” are all those people driven by a single-mind extraneous beam, like ideology, religion, cheering, etc., e.g.: ‘Hooligans’, ‘IS’, ‘Socialism’, etc., so their spreading can be spotted worldwide, thus it also drives apartheid and discrimination, so it isn’t colour skin that forces one against other, it’s people domination and economy power control indeed, due it’s a lot easier to ‘steal’ from lots of ‘Zombies’ than take a single penny from ‘AWARE’ tycoons!

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