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New Year Moon Oriental Dragon Dance Cycle

Astrology is the main root of our lives and the structured foundation of all religions – double check the moving religious events of each one – and this is the reason for all Priests, Ravvs, Sheiks, etc., to angry refer about it, and to continuously move their own Religious Events to not coincide at all with others as well.

Human Body Evolution Zodiac

They are all right mostly because common people doesn’t know how to master his/her own life quests and do need experienced guidance, as there are a bunch of alternating and timely opposite energy reactions – good & evil ones – caused by each Planet orbit transiting.

Under some of them one might feel deep miserable (oh, you sinned!), while at the opposite the given sensation is a King of the World look alike (oh, you are blessed).

Free Will Cycles

What would be your acquaintance of life if a 
Lifelong Road-map could be supplied to you showing all difficult events (flat tires, empty gas, crossroads collisions, etc.) and pleasure ones (Spa rest, Park visit, etc.) as well?

The first impression would be that there is no free-will at all, however one shall remember that we are first dealing with the Ascendant Vehicle [evolution physical body] itself [model, brand, year, accessories, mileage, etc.], yet as in regard to the driver intention, the Middle Heaven [evolution path journey] one must address to His/Her possible connection [insight] with the Universal [Collective] Conscience.

To start this special kind of connection – Middle Heaven – a suitable Temple Service must be regularly attended – double check which type of Temple does suits your Body & Soul energies.

If none connection at all can be achieved, them follow the road ahead and be prepared for any surprise, this is the early childhood acquiring experiences start-up, where every kind of experience – good or evil – are to be expected and no road-map is utmost required, as they would not be accepted as a real one.

Alternatively how to decide which road to follow in order to reach a destination is a matter of thought (providing there are availability of choices). And as each path do have it’s own constraints and facilities depending on the traffic, the climate and the month of the year (winter: ice slipper, summer: flood surprises, etc.) one must realize previously which one to follow or to deeply later regret when hit by falling rocks.

As all our bodies emerges as ‘Earth Inner Raised Spores’ constituted by the same organic & inorganic minerals that do structure Earth and  Universe, we do all have to obey to the same gravitational energy rules that controls their orbits and do affect our behavior, being each kind of energy channeled through the Moon after Mercury & Venus Energies that gimbals our evolution body path [not our intentions] through our body internal glands activities.

It might be clear now that each life outcome is derived from our decision to follow a unique path at a time, among all possible others, and this is the turning point that entitles twins to gather completely diverse experiences at life. They are driven by individual [Mind, Tought-Forms, Egregores] decisions, and possibly holding some minutes of body birth time difference.

Albeit, common health problems may be shared by twins as they hold the same DNA.

Another point to consider is the presence of local telluric energies – at home and/or work places – a situation that heavily affects and veils our Minds thus allowing unexpected difficult events to arise, a fact that must be further controlled and/or eliminated by a radiestesy professional [the Y ‘Fork’ specialist], one that masters how to detect and yet to manage Earth telluric energies – an ancient Wisdom that evidences a deep cross identity/reference with the Oriental Body Acupuncture

Obviously, one might think how he/her could survive up to now at a deep ignorance of all these related facts and the answer lies in luck due casualties do happen here, there and everywhere and also in life overall self guidance provided by the Masters of The Universe that manages almost everything and everybody up to the very moment someone decides to handle the task on his/her shoulders as an Helping Hand to Them.

Not to ever forget that [ethnic] extinction is the rule and [only small samples of] overall evolution is the great exception, we are now reaching a huge final expansion cycle end and a deep contraction one shall soon begin.

There is no real burdening to a Master Universe Enlightening Plan, yet there are minimum efficiency levels, so take care of yourself and carefully perform your duties as required, as this is an eternal recurrent event.

One more point to consider: The Bible can be specifically considered as a Mankind Roadmap and must be actually understood as a written report of events that recurrently affects an ethnic group, then another one and so on. One can even realize that the Babel Tower event do repeat itself at nowadays high top mountain Jerusalem City, where plenty of different languages are spoken there and yet no understanding can be foreseeable.

Regarding Sodom & Gomorra one cannot say where it could not be spotted - Google search exposes the fact that sex related matters are at top searches at big Islamic cities among all others - however it is the background for the creation of newer models of evolution bodies, a must for the next Era.

The Dragon Dance Astrology Road-map data and boards, are already available in English. Check some samples:




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